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Leon’s Garden World Creates Beautiful Spaces in Delaware!

purple flowers in hanging basket

Fantastic and Friendly Customer Service

Leon’s Garden World is your source for top-quality plants and plant products in New Castle, DE. Our garden center and nursery are owned and operated by an incredible team of people who are passionate about plants and your garden project. We understand that excellent customer service is key to finding the best plants for you. We walk you through every step of the selection process, and we do so with warm and welcoming demeanors and smiles on our faces. We strive to satisfy your gardening needs.

A Wide Selection of Beautiful Plants

We have a genuine passion for the variety of life nature provides, and we reflect that variety in our selection of plants. Whether you’re looking for annuals or perennials, petunias that bloom in spring, or maples that grow over the years, our vast selection of plants accommodates a range of customer preferences. You’ll undoubtedly find the plant you’re looking for and the plant products that go with it at our gardening center. Our plants are sure to keep your garden thriving for years to come.

green and pink flowers

A Knowledgeable Nursery That Loves Plants

All our plants are raised and grown in a nursery we own and operate. We have first-hand knowledge of each plant bought and sold in our garden center. Our team takes proper care of every plant from the moment they bloom in the nursery to the day customers select them for their green space. We understand that a plant won’t be right for you unless it maintains its health. We treat and cultivate plants to make sure it has a happy and fruitful life span long after leaving our nursery. Simply put, we love plants, and we apply our passion to every step of your journey.

Leon’s Garden World

5900 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19808

New Castle
137 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720