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Quality Hard Goods & Other Products Serving New Castle County, Delaware

At Leon’s Garden World, we understand the importance hard goods play in the beauty of homes and outdoor spaces in New Castle, DE. Hard goods are just as essential as plants for making your garden an absolute delight. We make it our mission to provide the highest quality hard goods for your home. If you stop by our gift shop, you’ll find a superb selection of flowerpots, mulch, pottery, and more exciting additions to the outdoor spaces you love and cherish. Your spaces will be made even more sublime by the top-tier products we have to offer you. We are here to make your garden, lawn, and home one-of-a-kind paradises.

lilly pad with flower

You Can Depend on Us for Excellent Hard Goods

Whatever dreams or visions you have for your garden, household, or outdoor space, we have hard goods that will fit in nicely. They will pair well with your plant life and enrich the spaces they inhabit. We believe that hard goods are as important as plants, and we hold them both to the highest standards of quality and excellence. Your satisfaction with your plants and our products is our priority.

Hard Goods Destined for Your Outdoor Spaces

Hard goods should please the eye and function in your outdoor space. We carry hard goods that do both. Our gift shop is filled with products that will meet your aesthetic expectations and do what they were built to do. We carry these hard goods and more:


Contain your plants in pots worthy of their beauty. Our pots are sturdy and functional. They look great in any outdoor space.

Ceramics and Pottery

We carry ceramics, pottery, and other pieces of art that will compliment your green spaces.

Mulch and Stone

Surround and protect your plants with the earthy tones of mulch, the strength of garden stones, or both.


We offer a wide variety of planters to accommodate our diverse line-up of plants, trees, shrubs, and more.

Pond Hard Goods

Our hard goods look just fantastic by the water as they do in the garden.

Contact Us Today to Find Your Perfect Plant