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Terrific Tree & Shrub Experts in DE

Leon’s Garden World is making gardens and outdoor spaces beautiful.. Trees and shrubs give lawns the necessary color, fragrance, and shade to thrive. Our friendly team of tree and shrub professionals is here to help you pick the perfect tree or shrub for your lawn. By choosing us, you ensure that your outdoor spaces are as beautiful and vibrant as possible. Youll feel satisfied by the depth our trees and shrubs give your lawn. We are your choice for brilliant trees and shrubs.

japanese maple and hydrangeas in yard

Choose Us for Your Tree & Shrub Needs

Whether you’re looking for a magnolia, dogwood, barberry, azalea, or more, we promise to provide the best in beauty for your outdoor spaces. Our trees and shrubs will thrive on your lawn and be a terrific addition to your home. They are sure to bring happiness and serenity to you and your family. We will ensure your satisfaction and ease of mind at every step in your journey towards the perfect tree or shrub for your green space. We can’t wait to help you create the outdoor area you’ve always envisioned.

Beautiful Trees

Trees add character and dimension to your yard. Whether seeking a shady sanctuary to lounge under on a summer afternoon or a branch perch your children can climb and play on, we have a large selection of trees fit for any outdoor space. We are here to meet your tree needs:

  • Bloodgood Japanese maple
  • Saguaro Kaku coral bark maple
  • Tamukeyama Japanese lace leaf maple
  • October glory red
  • Amelanchier
  • Blue atlas cedar
  • Deodora cedar
  • Cherokee brave dogwood
  • Kolas dogwood
  • Dragon lady holly
  • Nellie Stevens holly
  • Crêpe myrtle
  • Southern magnolia
  • Prairifire crabapple
  • Green giants
  • Emerald green arborvitae
  • Snow fountain cherry trees

You’ll Love Our Shrubs

There’s nothing quite like the bountiful blooming fragrance of a quality shrub. Shrubs give your outdoor space a blast of color and pleasant vibrations. They are welcome additions to any yard and inspire pleasure in your daily life. Our team will help you pick the best shrubs for your yard Here’s a list of shrubs we have available for you right now:

  • Abelia
  • Aucuba japonica
  • Azalea
  • Encore azaleas
  • Azalea expiry
  • Azalea gumpo
  • Barberry
  • Boxwood
  • Camellia japonica
  • Caryopteris variety
  • Hinoki cypress
  • Gold mop
  • Clothra
  • Red twig dogwood
  • Deutzia
  • Golden mop cypress
  • Japanese Helleri holly
  • Winterberry holly
  • Nandina firepower

Contact Us Today to Find Your Perfect Plant