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Friendly Houseplant Professionals

Leon’s Garden World is here to meet your houseplant needs with a smile and warm demeanor. We are a garden center comprised of experts proudly serving our Customers. Houseplants are fun and sublime additions that bring color and life to all households. Our team has years of experience helping customers find the right houseplant. We offer top-quality houseplants that will elevate any room or space in your house and exceed your expectations. We will assist you in your search for the perfect houseplant every step of the way. We are your houseplant professionals.

pink african violet on windowsill

We Have the Right Houseplant for Your Home

It’s time to bring the joys of a houseplant into your home. Is this your first time buying a houseplant? We can help. Are you looking to add another to your already fantastic collection of houseplants? We can help. Let us guide you on your search for the perfect houseplant today. We’ll walk with you every step of the way and make sure you find the houseplant that brings a sense of wonder to your home. We are the houseplant professionals that customers trust to deliver the very best for their home.

We Provide a Variety of Quality Houseplants

Houseplants possess the ability to change the atmosphere of your home completely. The perfect houseplant awaits you. Whether you’re looking for a plant that stands out from the crowd or functions as a subtle nuance within your home, we have a wide variety of beautiful houseplants to choose from. Here are some options currently available:

  • Birds nest fern
  • Silver bay Aglaonema
  • Aglaonema pink hybrid
  • Nephthytis arrowhead
  • Dracaena Florida beauty
  • Star of India aglaonema
  • Dieffenbachia dumb cane
  • African violets
  • Pepperonis watermelon
  • Clubbed begonia
  • Green ripple
  • Red ripple
  • Piccolo Banda
  • Schefflera
  • Fiddle fig field Audrey
  • Lemon lime-philodendron
  • Madagascar palms
  • Begonia Rex painted
  • Philodendron brazil
  • Anthurium
  • Zee zee plant
  • Philodendron Eva hybrid
  • Calathea medallion
  • Calathea Cincinnati zebra plant
  • Calathea Roseopicta corona

Contact Us Today to Find Your Perfect Plant